What We Do

How Educate to Save Works

Educate to Save is the worldwide sponsorship program championed by Sikh Philanthropist Jatinder Singh Uppal of Australia, to sponsor and underwrite scholarships for children from poor and underprivileged homes who are deprived of an education.

This program is gradually bringing about silent but sure reforms to uplift the socio-economic status of the rural disadvantaged Sikh children. There is a rigid selection criterion in place. Students are mostly selected for sponsorship from deprived rural sections of society regardless of their social class status. It’s all about social empowerment and transformation of a child’s future.

The specially designed education curriculum of value based quality education is delivered by Akal Academies; the brainchild of Kalgidhar Society with Head Quarters in Baru Sahib, HP, India. www.barusahib.org

Unlocking infinite potential

Kalgidhar Society and Sardar Jatinder Singh Uppal believe that an international effort by the Sikh Diaspora should be made to save 250,000 children between the ages of 3-13 in Punjab. This program is called Save Our Sikhs.

The scheme asks you to sponsor a child’s education for £25.00 GBP a month. This is less than £0.80 pence a Day, below the price of the delivery of a pizza per month for the family. This amount of money can certainly transform and change a Sikh child’s future. Your personal effort gives the child’s parents’ the hope for a better future for the family. The transformational lab for the scheme is The Kalgidhar Society, Baru Sahib, with schools in rural areas that act as an anti-dote for the social ills in malignant Punjab.


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