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We estimate around 250,000 children in Punjab and the surrounding areas that urgently need a sponsor. At any given time we maintain a live database of 500 children who are currently awaiting sponsorship.

Every time one child is sponsored, another is added to the list of those waiting. The list of children is growing longer by the day. Yet, if every Sikh family living outside India sponsored just one child, then we are well on the way to saving an entire generation.

It’s costs you just 80 pence a day to change a life.

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It is a common practice in some parts of rural Punjab for girls to keep their hair in a joora (tied in a knot and covered with a piece of cloth). As such kindly do not mistake their appearance for boys

Born - 18 Feb 2010
Kot Duna,
Hi, I am Gagandeep Kaur having a monthly income of Rs. 2,500 my father is finds it extremely difficult to support my education. He works on daily wages & strives to make both ends meet. I need education to change teh circumstances of my family. God I need your blessings, support and love
Born - 19 Jul 2008
I am Shweta from Dhobra. My father says he cannot afford my education for it takes money to bring up 6 children together. I want to study. Help me please God!
Born - 02 Sep 2008
Hi! I'm Anmol from Akmota. We belong to a BPL(Below Poverty Line) family. My father is unable to educate me due to his low income. God, allow me a platform to attain my desire to get knowledge with your blessing and grace.
Born - 19 Nov 2010
Hi! I'm Jasmeen Kaurfrom Sangrur. My father is unable to provide for my education alongside raising our family of 6. I wish to study and support my family. God please help me with your grace.
Born - 05 Nov 2008
Hi! I'm Muskan from Bighar. My father's low income prevents him from being able to send me to school. I wish to go to school too like other kids. God please hear my wishes & grant them soon.
Born - 06 Feb 2010
Hi! I'm Jasmeen Kaurfrom Saniana. My father is a petty farmer, he is unable to educate me due to lack of monetary resources. God, embrace me with all your love so that a new door opens to a different world.
Born - 22 Feb 2010
Being a daughter of a family of 9 persons, my father can't support my education. I want to be with my friends and live a dignified life like all my friends. God please send my Angel
Born - 09 Jul 2011
Vill- Diwana,
Hi! My name is Jagmeet Singh and I belong to Fatehabad District. My parents are uneducated but they want me to give wings to their dreams. We are a family of six and due to dire monetary issues, they are unable to fund my education. I pray to god to show me the ray of hope which leads me to success.
Born - 21 Jan 2006
Ward No. 1, Rattia Chungi,
Hi I am Ekamjot Kaur from Fatehabad. My father is no more and my mother has to look after a family of 3 persons. She can't afford my education. God please send my Angel to support me in my education.
Born - 01 Nov 2011
Hi I am Dilshan Singh from Ratia son of Driver. His earning is very low and has to support a family of 7 persons. He can not afford my education though he want me to be educated like all other guys of my age. God please be my lighting guide.
Born - 25 Sep 2007
Hi! I am Gurpreet Kaurfrom Bhatinda . I live with my mother, and grandmother, who is the sole breadwinner of our family. They want me to get educated and stand on my feet but due to acute penury, they are unable to do so. I hope God showers his blessings and love on me.
Born - 30 Mar 2010
Malakpur Bhimda,
Hi, I'm Jashandeep Kaur, we are 5 members in our family and with annual income of Rs. 30000 only. My Father is a Farmer and unable to support my schooling.God, please help.
Born - 18 Mar 2010
Sultanwind Road,
Hi, I am Gursharan Singh. I live in Amritsar. I want to study in a school. But my family income is very meager. God, please hold my hand. I also want to study and keep my parents happy.
Born - 13 Feb 2011
sudh singh wala,
Hey, this is Gurpreet Singh. I belong to Ferozpur. My father is in a private job. But, he doesn't earn much. So, with his income I cannot study in a school. Please god let me meet my angel so that I can atleast go to school like other students.
Born - 30 Oct 2010
Hi, I am Pardeep Singh from Kapurthala. My father is a Granthi Singh. I wish to become a doctor. That is only possible through education. God, hold my hand.
Born - 03 Aug 2007
Hi, I am Gurjap Singh. I am a resident of Jalandhar. I want to become an engineer and that is not possible without studying. My father is a granthi in the nearby gurdwara. And he cannot pay the school fees. So, God please create a magic spell for me.


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