Our People


Sant Baba Iqbal Singh Ji is the current President of the Kalgidhar Society. He took on the mantel of leadership from his esteemed and distinguished predecessors, Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji and Sant Baba Teja Singh Ji. Baba Iqbal Singh Ji has devoted his life to the selfless service of educating the downtrodden in society. It is said by some that he is a likely contender for the Nobel Peace Prize.


The Kalgidhar Society has on its board accomplished professionals from India and abroad, sharing a common vision to transform and uplift Indian society through education and supported by several other tools of empowerment.

The highly experienced and cohesive management team brings on board extensive expertise covering every facet of science and technology and its constituent sectors and markets.

The Executive Team (UK)

The Executive Committee of the Kalgidhar Trust UK is responsible for rolling out the Educate to Save sponsorship program worldwide. Our permanent London office is fully staffed and run entirely by unsalaried volunteers, each a professional in their individual field. They bring with them the passion; talent and expertise to drive forward such an ambitious project to rescue a quarter of a million Sikh children from a bleak future.

Charity registered in England & Wales. Charity number 1041548