Mission Objective

Our Objective: To encourage every family living outside India to change the life of 1 desperate child by sponsoring them through to quality education

Our Mission: To integrate academic excellence and professional learning with the spiritual way of life, thereby producing honest, altruistic and compassionate human beings.

The key objective of the Educate to Save program is to provide an educational framework to enable others to experience the joy of advancing and applying Sikh Philosophy for the betterment of society and the environment. Education is all about preparing children to make a positive contribution to the well-being of the world around us with a focus on values such as Right, Wrong and Responsibility.

The Educate to Save program is a firm believer that Sikhi has the tools embedded in its philosophy to provide solutions to global problems. In the medium term, our aim is to forge a partnership with well over 500 low cost schools to provide value-based education to all children at the village level who will be tomorrow’s leaders and professional ambassadors. These will be scientists, doctors, engineers, architects, environmentalists, finance & regulatory compliance experts who will shape 21st century for the benefit of the entire creation.

Charity registered in England & Wales. Charity number 1041548